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Please check your spam folder and if possible make a filter to accept all emails from info@egamesnow.club to avoid missing out of any emails going forward.
We have contacted PAYPAL regarding this problem and their tech support person gave us a couple of reasons.
  1. You need to go update your browser to the newest version available.
  2. Your security settings for your cookies are too high and must be lowered to do this follow these steps.
    • Click on tools tab at the top of your browser screen
    • Click internet options tab
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    • After checkout process you may want to reset the slider bar to original position
  3. Clean your Cache out.
This should solve any problems with not being able to finish your purchase. If problem persists please contact us at info@egamesnow.club.
We also accept Interac transfers for those living in Canada. Use this option if you are having trouble with PAYPAL. Please send us your payment at the following email: info@egamesnow.club along with your registration information (i.e. First and Last Name, email address, WhatsApp Number) so that we register you manually.

Also it is a really good option for people who do not have PAYPAL accounts as these sometimes take up to 2 weeks to create. You will then receive the confirmation of registration within the next 2-3 business days.

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